Best Passport Wallets For 2018

A passport wallet usually has a single fold and larger interior pockets to hold one or more passports along with credit cards and cash. A little larger than most bifold wallets, it is ideal for traveling through the airport or customs. If you’re not a regular traveler, you can keep a small... Continue Reading

Men's Credit Card Wallets

When you want to slim down your wallet size but still need to carry your IDs, credit cards, store and gym membership cards, work badges, bus passes, etc., you need a men’s credit card wallet. They’ll fit in your front or back pocket without cramping your style or showing an outline. You’ll... Continue Reading

Money Clip Cardholder Wallets

A leather money clip card holder is the convenient alternative to a traditional wallet. Men are increasingly deciding that they do want to sit on a bulky wallet all day and are instead choosing the slimmer money clip wallet with card holder design. The money clip with card holder will easily fit... Continue Reading

Best Trifold Wallets For 2018

Finding the right wallet can be time consuming, and everyone has their own preferences when it comes to how to store their money. A trifold wallet is a popular choice because often times these wallets are pretty skinny. This comes from the fact that most trifold wallets store the credit cards... Continue Reading

Best Bifold Money Clip Wallets

A bifold money clip wallet is another style of cash and card holder you can use to minimize the bulk in your pocket. This style is a bit different than a typical leather money clip card holder because the money clip is on the inside. Most designs hold your bills in the interior fold with an... Continue Reading

5 Best Bifold Vertical Wallet Designs

A vertical bifold wallet is a term for a bifold wallet that is oriented in such a way as to have the long side of a credit card parallel to the fold. The wallet might be designed to open vertically and all or some of the card pockets will be arranged with openings at the top. In one of the... Continue Reading

Best Leather Key Holder Designs

A leather key holder is a lesser-known accessory for keeping your keys in a more convenient setting than on a keyring in your pocket or purse. With your keys in a key pouch, you won’t need to worry about keys snagging or scratching your pants, table, purse lining, etc. They are organized and... Continue Reading

Best Passcase Wallet 2018

A passcase wallet is a bifold wallet with an interior ID window flap that flips up or out to easily display your ID or work badge on a regular basis. The advantage of this type of wallet over a bifold with a rear ID window is that the plastic material is protected inside the covers of the wallet... Continue Reading

Waterproof and Water-Resistant Wallets

Judging by the name of the site, you can tell that we like leather. But most of the wallets that we’re reviewing today are not leather. That’s because leather does not do well when exposed to water unless it is specially coated. But sometimes, you want to take your wallet to the beach, to the... Continue Reading

Best Wallet Inserts

Wallet inserts give you the extra credit card, membership card, business card, and photo slots that you need to keep everything organized and protected. Placing too many cards in one pocket of your leather or fabric cloth will cause it to stretch or pull away from the seams while scuffing the... Continue Reading

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    Best Passport Wallets For 2018

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    Men's Credit Card Wallets

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