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Hipster Wallet Insert Double High

Wallet inserts give you the extra credit card, membership card, business card, and photo slots that you need to keep everything organized and protected. Placing too many cards in one pocket of your leather or fabric cloth will cause it to stretch or pull away from the seams while scuffing the cards themselves as they are pressed together in the pocket and slide past one another on retrieval. And if you have too many cards stuffed in one pocket, you won’t be able to pull out the one you want without taking them all out.

Plastic inserts are the easy solution. All you need to know is what style of wallet you have (bi-fold, tri-fold, or double wide/high) and if you are inserting sleeves for the first time, whether your wallet will stretch enough to accommodate the additional material. If you have a full-grain leather wallet, for example, it probably won’t close with an insert. The leather is too tight to allow for the additional width. If your wallet is a softer leather or fabric weave, or if you’re simply looking for replacement sleeves for a wallet already designed to hold inserts, you won’t have a problem.

Remember that inserts are meant more for rarely used cards or photos that you can use or view through the plastic. You don’t want to remove cards in the inserts too frequently as this will likely stretch the plastic. Place your IDs or work badges in the inserts for easy inspection or scanning. Place the most frequent cards that you need to swipe or insert in the wallet’s pockets.

As wallet inserts are a commodity item with not much variation in style, we have selected the highest quality product at the lowest price for each common wallet size. We reviewed the items for:

  • Durability
  • Carrying capacity
  • Quality to price value

Rank #1 #2 #3
Bifold Wallet Insert Leatherboss

LeatherBoss Bifold Insert

Hipster Wallet Insert Double High

Julie Product Hipster Wallet Insert

Trifold Wallet Insert Marshal Wallet

Marshal Wallet Trifold Insert

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Our Review View Our Review View Our Review View Our Review
Durability Medium High Medium
Carrying Capacity 6 pages of double-sided inserts 12 card or photo slots on 6 sleeves 6 pages of double-sided inserts
Size 3 3/4" X 2 5/8" 7.8" X 4" 4" X 2 5/8"

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