The Most Useful Wallet Accessories


Wallet Multitool

If you have room in your wallet, you can turn it into a toolbox or survival kit with these neat-o novelties. They also make inexpensive gift ideas.


These wallet add-ins are not only convenient; they also help you stay safe.

RFID Blocking Sleeves. The information on your cards can be read remotely without you ever having to take your cards out of your wallet. They work via radio frequency identification. It’s the same technology that card readers use to access your account information or verify that you have the necessary coding to open a door. Some wallets include an RFID blocking material in the lining of the pockets, but many don’t. The next best step for you to protect yourself from identity theft is to slide these sleeves over any cards that you want to protect. They come in packs of 12 and are color-coded to help you organize your wallet’s contents.

Credit Card Size Mini Hi-Power LED Flashlight. This flashlight is slim enough to fit in a credit card pocket. As long as you have your wallet, you’ll always have a light and won’t need to run down your cell phone’s battery using its flashlight feature.

Medical Information Card. Enter your medical history and all of your medications and allergies along with emergency contact information on this card. When there’s an emergency, your loved ones or the medical professionals can look up the relevant information on the card. If you don’t have much to enter in the medical realm, you can use it store all sorts of information. Keep it as a reference to yourself or for others to find when they need to. It will look just like a medical information card.

Folding Knife. It never hurts to have a backup blade. This one folds down into a safe credit card-sized handle. Flick it open when you need it and slide it back in your wallet when you’re done.

Just-In-Case Useful

Who knows what’s going to happen in a day? These items that fit in your wallet will come in handy when you need them.

Wallet Ninja 18-in-1 Multi-Tool. Made of steel, this slim credit card sized multi-tool is a durable bottle opener, can opener, box and letter opener, ruler, peeler, screwdriver, hex wrench, nail puller, and cell phone stand. It’s even approved by the TSA! Have the tool you need when you need it.

Swiss Tech Utili-Key. This stainless steel, key-shaped multi-tool fits in your wallet and opens to provide 6 functions. It has a straight-head screwdriver, a cross-point screwdriver, and a mini screwdriver for working on eyeglasses or electronics. It also has a straight knife blade, a serrated knife blade, and a bottle opener. Pretty handy, we say!

Pocket Calculator. If you find that using the calculator on your phone isn’t convenient enough, you can stick this basic computing device in your wallet. It’s thin, fits in any credit card pocket, and helps you come up with a figure for all those numbers.

Magnifying Lens. Read the fine print, get a closer look at nature, or find the splinter that you can’t get out. You never know when you’ll need a magnifying glass, but you’ll always have one on you. This pack comes as a set of 3 polycarbonate lenses, so if you scratch one up, just discard it and put the next one its place.

Mini Reading Glasses. Need help seeing sometimes but don’t want to carry your spectacles with you? Try these reading glasses that fit in your wallet. They rest on your nose as a temporary reading aid. You’ll get two in this pack, so you’ll always have a spare at home.

LED Night Light. You might not be afraid of the dark, but maybe your wife or kid gets a little nervous. Take this credit card-sized night light wherever you and make everyone feel more at ease. To turn the light on, you simply set the card on a flat surface and fold the bulb shape up. Fold it up back down to turn the light off. These handy lights come in packs of 12, so you can use more than one at a time or save some as replacements.

Use with Your Phone

You carry your phone as often as you do your wallet, so why not use them together? These accessories that fit in your wallet help you make the most of your phone.

SD Card Holder. Do you use SD cards in your phone, camera, or other portable devices? You can carry 4 in this secure, slim card holder. Have them on hand to change them out when you need to or share your info with friends.

USB Battery Charger. Don’t you hate it when your cell phone or mp3 player runs out of juice, and you’re nowhere near a charger that you can use? Problem solved! Pre-charge this credit card-sized battery charger and keep it in your wallet for just such occasions. It works with USB and micro USB devices. The covering is leather, making it an attractive, fitting choice for your leather wallet.

Phone Stand. Want to show on your phone while you’re on break or waiting somewhere? Pull this phone stand out of your wallet and get a convenient, hands-free viewing experience.

Grooming Tools

Do you like to feel the breeze when you drive? Do you eat in the car? Use these handy wallet tools to check yourself once in a while.

Credit Card-Sized Comb. Always look your best with this mini comb. Two sizes allow you to straighten your hair or beard just in time for the meeting or date night. Shed the comb in your back pocket and put this in your wallet instead.

Mini Mirror. Speaking of grooming, you might also need this little credit card pocket mirror. Check your hair and your teeth before you go into work or pick up your girlfriend.

Credit Card-Size Razor and Mirror. If you’re one of those guys whose 5 o’clock shadow looks like a 3-day shadow, you might want to keep this little razor on hand. Put some soapy water on your face in any bathroom and get yourself cleaned up. It even comes with a mirror to make sure you don’t miss a spot.


Keep these little dandies in your wallet for just the right occasion. They can help your downtime go a little smoother.

Casino Bottle Opener. Shaped as the Ace of Spades playing card, this bottle opener is a nifty addition to any wallet. It comes in packs of 10, so you can share them with your friends.


Of course, we can’t forget the classic wallet inserts. Whether you need to replace the set that came with your wallet or want to add some extra capacity to the wallet you have, these plastic sleeves do the trick wonderfully. Store credit cards, shopping cards, business cards, or even spare keys and SIM cards in the middle of your wallet.


What would you find useful? What do you have room for? Are you concerned about safety or do you find yourself frequently needing a small screwdriver or ruler? Maybe you hate using your phone’s keypad as a calculator or just want to get your drink open. No matter your need, you can find a wallet add-in to help.

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