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4.8 out of 5

Card Capacity:


Cash Capacity:


Notable Features:

  • Full-grain Leather
  • Pull tab for extra cards
  • Slim design
  • RFID/NFC Blocking


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4" X 2.75"


Mutbak has a 1 year warranty on their men's bifold wallet with money clip, that states "one-year unconditional, no questions asked warranty. If the wallet fails for any reason we replace it. Guaranteed"


Mutbak has a 1 year warranty on their men's bifold wallet with money clip, that states "one-year unconditional, no questions asked warranty. If the wallet fails for any reason we replace it. Guaranteed"

Mutbak SCIF Bifold Clip Wallet Review

Mutbak SCIF Bifold Clip Wallet

Here is a list of Pros and Cons to consider before purchasing

  • Full-grain leather
  • Quick-access card pocket
  • ID Window
  • RFID/NFC blocking mesh
  • Gift Box
  • Plastic ID window on outside of wallet


Our overall favorite on the list is the Mutbak SCIF. It is the most affordable combination of quality leather, design convenience, and card-capacity.

Significantly less expensive than either the Distil Union or JML options, this money clip bifold is made from the same high-grade full-grain leather. The dip in price is in no way reflected in a dip in quality. The leather is strong, durable, and authentic in appearance.

The SCIF is also the most convenient model in our opinion. The clip holds 20 bills, a sufficient amount for most days, and features a quick-access pocket on the front of the wallet for your most-used card. Put your bank card, credit card, or keycard right out front where you can slide it out with ease.

There is also an ID window on the back exterior of the wallet. You can show your driver’s license or work badge through the plastic or easily extract it with the thumb hole. The only problem we have with the SCIF is the plastic window. Other wallet designs we have reviewed have an opening in the leather for an ID window without the use of plastic, a superior design as the plastic is the weakest material included in a high-quality leather wallet. It will be the first component to rip, dent, crease, or tear away from the stitching. That being said, the placement of the ID window on the Mutbak is ideal.

Besides the single-slot outer card pocket, 2 interior pockets hold 4 cards each. These are for your common secondary cards. We appreciate the inner pockets over JML’s outer pocket design because the cards are better protected inside. If you don’t need to access them quite as often as your primary card, they’re better left safe inside the fold of the wallet. Third is a pull-tab pocket between the rear exterior and the inner lining. You can place another 4 cards in the pocket to pull up when you need to.

As an added security measure, Mutbak has included an RFID/NFC blocking mesh in all of their wallets including their largest passcase wallet. Lining the pockets, this material interferes with scanners trying to rip your ID and financial information from your magnetic strips and chips. Identity theft is the gentlest way for someone to rob you. This simple security measure helps to prevent it.

The Mutbak SCIF is available in 3 colors: Memphis brown, Vegas black, and the stylish Memphis/Durango combo. This bifold money clip wallet is also one of the only top models to come with a gift box for easy wrapping. You can read more about this wallet on the Mutbak Website.

We’ve rated the Mutbak SCIF as our overall favorite bifold wallet with money clip for capacity, convenience, durability, and affordability.

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