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4.3 out of 5

Card Capacity:


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Notable Features:

  • Full-grain Leather
  • Pull tab for extra cards
  • RFID/NFC Blocking


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4" X 3"


Warranty information states that it covers manufacturers defects, but you need to register and have 30 days from delivery to activate the 12-month warranty.


Warranty information states that it covers manufacturers defects, but you need to register and have 30 days from delivery to activate the 12-month warranty.

Serman Brands Bifold Money Clip Review

Serman Brands Bifold Money Clip

Here is a list of Pros and Cons to consider before purchasing

  • Full-grain leather
  • ID window
  • RFID blocking mesh
  • Gift box
  • ID window behind bills
  • Loose pockets


A close second to the Mutbak bifold wallet is the Serman Brands Traveler. For only a slightly steeper price, you gain many of the same features and more color options. It does not have as high of a card-capacity, and we’re not crazy about the placement of the ID window, but let’s talk about quality first.

It features the same full-grain leather that our previous 3 models were made from, and the clip is also just as sturdy. The 1-year warranty covers manufacturing defects, so if you do find a problem with the craftsmanship, it won’t be a hassle to get it replaced.

The Traveler includes a quick-access exterior card slot, two interior card pockets, and a rear pull-tab pocket for a similar design as the Mutbak. Unfortunately, the Traveler pockets do not hold as many cards and tend to loosen over time. The 8-card capacity shouldn’t be a problem for most men, but if you have multiple store membership cards that you need to use, you might not have enough room.

There is a plastic ID window on the interior of the wallet. Placing the window on the inside helps to protect the plastic better, but it also forces you to show your cash every time you want to flash your driver’s license or work badge. No other wallet that we’ve reviewed is designed this way, and we believe it’s for good reason. Revealing your bills to show your ID seems uncouth and unsafe in our opinion. Then again, if you want to show-off your swag, place a hundred in front and back and impress everyone who asks for your ID.

But speaking of safety, this leather bifold wallet with money clip does include an RFID/NFC blocking liner so that identity thieves won’t be able scan your cards through your wallet.

The Traveler boasts the most color option availability. You can purchase the wallet in any of the following stylish leather colors.

  • California Dessert
  • Canyon Red
  • Charcoal Black
  • Chocolate
  • Jet Black
  • Mahogany
  • Texas Brown

Serman Brands also includes a gift box. Choose a color, and you have a fashionable men’s gift ready to wrap.

We recommend the Traveler as a durable, classically stylish, highly convenient but lower card-capacity bifold wallet with money clip.

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